Writing date-based queries with SQL Server are common in our industry. Writing good queries is likely less common. As a subscriber to the MS SQL Tips new letter, I frequently encounter useful information and helpful tips. “Using a calendar table in SQL Server – Part 1” by Aaron Bertrand (2021-04-22) is particularly useful for creating… Read More

C#, Excel, and SQL Server

Using Excel to work with SQL Server data sets is often more convenient than having to write a complete solution using C#. A variety of solutions exist to work with Excel from your C# code and Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel is just one of them. EPPlus is also a popular solution for working with Excel. EPPlus is free… Read More

SQL Server Management Studio 18.8

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio with Azure Data Studio was released on December 17, 2020. SQL Server is my RDBMS of choice for Enterprise level applications. Having the latest SSMS with Azure Data Studio offers the best of both worlds. Download SSMS-18.8