Tcl/Tk is relatively easy to learn. However, the term “easy” falls short of describing the power and unique features of the Tcl/Tk programming language.

We recommend the following websites as references for further study, learning, and practical applications of the TCL/Tk programming language. Their relevance depends on your TCL/Tk programming skills and abilities.

Tcl Developer Site (

Language (

Download & Install Tcl | ActiveState – Create an Account with ActiveState and the Komodo IDE is free to use!


Magicsplat Tcl/Tk for Windows | Magicsplat

Ruff! – Runtime Formatting Function Reference (V1.2.0) (

Tcl/Tk Tutorial – Tutorialspoint

TCL TK Tutorial: Tool Command Language (

Tcl/Tk Tutorial – Beginner / Intermediate (

Tcl tutorial – Beginner Tcl tutorial (

NEM ( Tcl code contributions by Neil Madison

tcl Tutorial => List-appending to a nested dictionary (

TclTk Scripts