C#9 and .NET 5 Modern Cross Platform Development

C# is one of my go to languages for Windows Desktop applications using SQL Server as the data source. The subject book, C#9 and .NET 5 by Mark J. Price – Packt Publishing (November 2020), is an excellent comprehensive guide to get you started.

All the source code for the book is available for download from GitHub. Visual Studio Code is the only editor you’ll need and also happens to be cross platform too.

We’re presently working on a new application that is ideally suited for C# and there’s time to explore some of the recent changes introduced introduced in C#9. Fortunately, C# plays nice with SQL Server and Visual Studio makes working with SQL Server that much easier too.

Although SQL Server is used by most of our Enterprise clients, we’ll be delving deeper in to PostgreSQL 13 and exploring the book “Mastering PostgreSQL 13” by Hans-Jurgen Schonig, Packt Publishing (November 2020).

The timing to review these two books and develop a new application couldn’t be better as we approach the holidays.

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