Tcl/Tk 8.7

The latest alpha release of Tcl/Tk is 8.7a5. Visit the Tcl Developer Xchange for details and highlights. Take advantage of the alpha releases to ensure compatibility with your current code and to minimize the learning curve over the long term.

Source releases can be downloaded from the Tcl Developer Xchange. You will need a compiler It sure

Binary versions of the prealpha4 release for Windows can be downloaded as Single File Executables from SourceForge. There are two downloads: tclsh87-prealpha4-sfe-x64.exe and wish87-prealpha4-sfe-x64.exe.

Keeping current with the latest release keeps you relevant!

ActiveState Tcl/Tk – Tcl/Tk – Windows, Linux, Mac

Magicsplat – Tcl/Tk – Windows Distribution

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