Need a Free Online Compiler?

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to program in another language or simply want to test a piece of code, would you consider trying an online compiler? Consider taking a look at and try your hand at entering some code to see what happens. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the… Read More

Java ZULU Builds of OpenJDK

Java Language Extensions in SQL Server 2019 by Prashanth Jayaram recommends downloading the Zulu Builds of OpenJDK. This is the Java release installed by the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Setup. We originally set this up to run on our SQLExpress edition, but later changed to the developer edition as we are developing application triggers to… Read More

Practical Java Programming For IOT, AI, and BLOCKCHAIN – Part 1 – Set up

Practical java Programming For IOT, AI, AND BLOCKCHAIN, Dr. Perry Xiao, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Copyright 2019, ISBN 978-1-119-56001-2. $40 US / $48 CA. I just bought this book (28-Sep-2020). The content is more intriguing than the traditional approach to “programming for the sake of programming” and at first glance provides a sufficient level… Read More

Object-Oriented Tcl: TclOO, [incr Tcl], [incr Tk], [incr Widgets]

[incr Tcl] provides object-oriented extensions to Tcl. For further reference visit: The packages required are available as part of MagicSplat’s binary distributions of Tcl/Tk for Windows. Visit for more information. name: itcl — object-oriented extensions to Tcl package require Itcl Returns version 4.2.0 TclOO – Object-Oriented Tcl package require TclOO Returns version 1.1.0

IDE’s and Development Tools

IDE’s and development tools are key to any application development. The following IDE’s and Development Tools are used at Microjam Business Solutions as best suited for the language and application: Visual Studio (Microsoft) Visual Studio Code (Microsoft) Komodo (ActiveState) Brackets ( JetBrains – My IDE’s of CHOICE PyCharm Professional IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate PhpStorm WebStorm RubyStorm… Read More