How to Connect to SQL Server > TCL 8.6.11 The Magic of Strings

How to connect to SQL Server using TCL It only takes a few lines of TCL code to connect your program to SQL Server. The key to a successful connection is having the right connection string. Visit – Forgot that connection string? Get it here! Replace the “my_________” entries in the connection string with… Read More

C#, Excel, and SQL Server

Using Excel to work with SQL Server data sets is often more convenient than having to write a complete solution using C#. A variety of solutions exist to work with Excel from your C# code and Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel is just one of them. EPPlus is also a popular solution for working with Excel. EPPlus is free… Read More

Noodling Over EDI Using C#

Years ago, I wrote an application in VBA for Excel to parse an 830 document and format the data into a useable worksheet. The code can process an 830 document (EDI text file) containing upwards of 2500 lines in less than 20 seconds all while creating and formatting the worksheet from scratch. The VBA code… Read More