ActiveState TCL 8.6.10 is Here!

Application development is a challenge when you or your client is looking for immediate solutions. TCL is my language of choice for rapid prototyping. A few lines of TCL code can save you from writing hundreds of lines with other languages.

ActiveState TCL releases typically appear sometime after the official version updates; however, I prefer using the quality-assured ActiveState release for application development.

If you are new to TCL, I recommend downloading the free Komodo IDE (12.0.1 as of this writing). Having an IDE tailor-made to the languages you use are more effective and efficient than generic “one size fits all” solutions.

GRIDPLUS2 is one of the modules that demonstrates the ease of development using TCL, especially if you are working with a database. Writing a solution to query the database and displaying the results on a GUI window requires only a few TCL code lines as described by the examples at

The choice of tools to use should not be a “popularity” contest. Use what works to get the job done. TCL is one of the best-kept secrets and remains freely available to everyone.

Choose the “Custom” option and click the “Browse” (see below) to choose where ActiveTcl will be installed.

In the next window, you will have the option to download the Komodo IDE. Although any text editor can be used, the Komodo IDE is ideal for working with Tcl.

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