Visual Studio Community 2019 Preview 4.0

It’s that time again? February 9, 2021, marks the release of Visual Studio Community 2019 Preview 4.0. It seems like yesterday that I downloaded Visual Studio Community 2019 Preview 3.0. I also recall that it seemed to take an eternity to download it. Fortunately, the internet was very cooperative this time around.

I typically look forward to these new releases as Visual Studio is simply the best IDE for developing desktop applications with C#, SQL Server, and other notable languages including F#.

Every release introduces new features and bug fixes. Preview 4.0 includes Git Productivity Improvements, Code Coverage CLR-based Instrumentation now in preview, and Xamarin.Forms Specific Improvements – XAML Hot Reload. For a complete list and description of new features and other improvements, visit the 2019 release notes preview page.

I’m looking forward to working with the new Visual Studio Community 2019 Preview 4.0 release and trust you will too! There’s even a mention of “.Net 6.0”! It only gets better.

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